Total of chart series

When creating a Stacked Bar or Stacked Column chart, this is a convenient way to show the proportion of a product or its categories sold over a given period of time. However, even if we choose to show values ​​on the series, it is not clear what the total sum is. Here’s a simple trick to create a chart that shows the share of each series in the sum, as well as the total sum of values.

People Graph “for the poor”

In one of the previous “recipes” I wrote about an Excel add-in called People Graph which you can use it to effectively display the results of statistical surveys. You can also create this type of chart yourself if you have some experience with photo editing applications and by applying the technique I will show you here.

Cat Icon Array Chart

I got an e-mail today from my wife who is a big cat lover. She says YouTube suggested her to watch the „Cat Icon Array Chart“ video. And since there is often a need to show the share of a value in a whole, using icon array chart, I decided to write a “recipe” that would teach you how to present data this way, without really using charts.

Cell attributes

Each cell in the worksheet can be blank or have some content (text, number). It can also have its own formatting elements. The CELL function allows you to read the attributes of a cell, however it is not nearly as powerful as the old GET.CELL macro function. In the following text, you will learn how to read cell attributes.

Fixing addresses within data tables

Fixing cell addresses is an old topic. However, when you create a structured table (data table) and try to copy a formula that points to a cell inside it, the rules of the game change. That is, the address will not be updated as desired. These addresses can also be fixed, and in the text that follows you will learn how to do this.