Warranty costs

When you buy a product, unless you buy it on the flea market (where they have a rule “they gave it to me that way”), you get the right to warranty. By warranty, the manufacturer undertakes to repair or replace the damaged goods to another within the specified time period. Warranty is not something that is specifically bought, it comes with the product. How to calculate warranty costs?

Calculating the distance

How to calculate distance between the two places on the map? The simplest way is by using the formula for calculating the haversine, which for the given coordinates returns the distance of the points on the sphere. However, this is the air distance. If you are planning to take off on the road, you are surely interested in getting from point A to point B by traffic. In the following text I will show you how to use Google Maps to calculate distance.


If you’ve thought that, when you start using PowerPivot, will get rid of array lookup functions you were deadly wrong! Although the concept of a data model does not go hand in hand with the need to use these class of  functions, it is sometimes necessary to search the arrays. To do this you will use the LOOKUPVALUE function, and how to use it, in combination with the WEEKDAY function, you will find out in the text that follows.

Date hierarchies

Recent versions of Power Pivot possess the feature that automatically generates hierarchies and columns that calculate year, quarter, and month for date columns. It is automatically activated when you drag such column into a Power Pivot report. This can be of use, but it can also bother you. In the following text you will find out how you can turn on or off this Excel feature.

Quick Insights

In similar way to the newer versions of Excel PowerBI offers a mechanism that, based on a given dataset, can provide you with visuals, usually the charts that best represent your data. These can be: columns, bars, pie charts … At the same time, along with each one a brief description is provided on the basis of which you can conclude why this visual is proposed. Get ready to know Quick Insights!