Creating reporting dimensions

Reporting dimensions are all fields that you can see in the Fields menu, which are used to populate reports. Basically, these are the columns in the table model. Also, they can be Calculated Columns or Measures. In some earlier “recipes” I talked about how to create them in PowerPivot model, and now I will show you how to do perform this in PowerBI Desktop. Also, I will mention another interesting novelty: Calculated Tables!


Custom visuals

PowerBI Desktop has a number of tools for data visualization- visuals. They allow the data that is imported into Model to be used for creation carts, tables, variety of charts, slicers … Sometimes there is a need for specific visualization tools that are not offered in the standard range. We call them Custom visuals. You can find them all in the Office Store, download desired visual, install it, add appropriate data set and bring data to life!


Enhance PowerBI reports

Programmers usually don’t care too much for report’s look, whilst those who watch the reports equally care for their clarity and appearance (correctness is assumed). PowerBI possesses several tools that can be used for enhancing reports. In my opinion it can still be much better. Nevertheless, from version to version PowerBI development team is adding new functionalities and now it is quite better comparing its beginning.


PowerBI groups and roles

Since recently PowerBI offers a feature that enables specific report filtering. By assigning Roles allows you to specify which user has the right to see a report on the basis of the value of the filter. Also, the parts of report can be grouped according to given sections (Lists) or segments of reporting (Bins). All this allows you to create even richer reports, which will be subject of a text that follows…


Filtering of PowerBI reports

PowerBI reports can be filtered in a similar way as traditional Pivot or PowerPivot reports. Since one report is usually consisted of several visuals (tables, charts, cards, slicers) you could adjust a way that selected visual filters all other within a report that share same dataset. Also, you could filter a whole dataset by applying basic, advanced or Top n filters, which will be subject of a text that follows.