Cash flow plan

Many companies that have excellent sales results are bankrupt because they do not have enough cash! Therefore, it is necessary to plan and monitor cash flows. This is not always easy, but with an experienced accountant and defined contracts with buyers and suppliers, it is possible to create a plan that allows us to track inflows and cash outflows and, based on this, we can have a better insight into the business.

Marginal costs

Marginal costs in the economy are those generated by the production of an additional product unit, while in accounting they correspond to the average variable costs. By distinguishing between variable and fixed marginal costs, we can easily calculate whether to accept a special order or to discard the product. Let’s see it on the case of profitability of production under the private label.

Customer lifetime value

The customer’s lifetime is the period in which we perform sales transactions, and the calculation of its value is a profit forecast based on the relationships that are mutually achievable. There are several ways to calculate it, and all of them show us profit flow that we can expect by retaining a customer. In other words, how much money comes if they pay regularly, if they are financed, and if a certain percentage of customers goes from year to year.

Shape maps

Shape Maps are predefined maps that are recently deployed  as business intelligence visuals for Power BI Desktop, and contain predefined maps of organizational units (republics, regions, ares) within the state. This is a new functionality that is supported only for some countries, but it’s not bad idea to mention it as I believe that one day it will be available for more countries including Serbia.

ArcGIS maps

Vector maps were always better than raster for better quality and more precise location display. Power BI since recently  supports ArcGIS maps, based on Esri’s geographic information system, which in addition to common functionality of maps offers the ability to use some profound options and display statistics. The text that follows will be about the basic features of this visual.