Refilling shelves

I often get upset when I go to the supermarket and see the workers closing the passages by racking up the shelves. How to help them? If a company has implemented an ERP, it is possible to extract a stock report, critical inventory, and a place where the items are …

Should we keep the product?

In economics, the question often arises: Do you leave or keep a product? The answer to this dilemma is often difficult to find, but by analyzing the summary of the income statement we can come up with quantitative data that can make it easier for us to make such a decision. This is also an appropriate way to apply a Scenario method by which we can calculate alternatives depending on the steps taken.


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) represents the concept of managing relationships with potential and existing clients, customers or consumers (depending on what and to whom we sell). Its task is to obtain new and retain existing clients. Although there are plenty of software that very well support the CRM concept, when you are a beginner in business you do not need anything more than Excel.

Sales return analysis

Sales return is an event when good are returned from the buyer to the supplier for one of the following reasons: wrong orders, more goods delivered than the requested, damaged product, damaged packaging, expiration of the term … By analysing the cause of the reimbursement we may , for a longer period of time, to decide what needs to be done to reduce their number to a minimum.

Warranty costs

When you buy a product, unless you buy it on the flea market (where they have a rule “they gave it to me that way”), you get the right to warranty. By warranty, the manufacturer undertakes to repair or replace the damaged goods to another within the specified time period. Warranty is not something that is specifically bought, it comes with the product. How to calculate warranty costs?