Grouping visuals

When working with graphical objects in MS Office applications there is often a need to integrate multiple objects within one group so that we can move and manage them more easily. As of August 2019, Power BI Desktop has the option to group two or more objects, and in the text that follows you will be able to see how it is used.

Measuring the impact

Key Influencers is a visual that has been available to Power BI Desktop users since July 2019, and allows measuring the impact of a given component (dimension) on a reporting metric. It can be useful to show us components that differ from the average, as well as segments that affect it and require additional attention. The information we receive in this way can help us rethink our sales strategy.

Success indicators

Conditional formatting is an option that has been gradually added to Table and Matrix visual. Now we can safely say that Power BI Desktop has almost everything we used in Excel to build the reports where we applied this option. As of July 2019, conditional formatting also supports icon sets, and in the text below you will be able to learn how to use all of these options.

Feed the pigs and don’t touch anything!

We’ll use a quote from a familiar joke as an introduction to a problem you might encounter in everyday work: how to get the user to enter data only in a predefined cell group? There are several ways to achieve this, and one of the easiest is to format these cells in the desired manner (eg, set a specific background color) and to prevent entry into the cells that are not formatted in a given manner.

Removing values from table

How do I remove set of values from the table? In practice, sometimes we encounter a scenario where it is necessary to remove from the list of entities one or more of the values specified in an ancillary records. For example, in the first list there is a list of workers, and in the second list of workers that need to be removed. How to perform this without having to manually remove one by one from the table?