3D models and icons

Excel 2019 comes with two new types of graphic object,; these are 3D models and icons. 3D models are vector models of objects that we can add from the location on the disk or the Internet, and serve to better illustrate the data in the table. For example, if table contains a work order 3D model may be the product design we make. Icons are 2D graphic objects (SVG) that we can use in a similar way.

If we want to add a 3D model we will do this by opening the appropriate menu that is located in the Insert ribbon. It is necessary to choose whether to add a model from a location to a computer or from the Internet. In case we choose this second option we will open a window in which should choose which models we want to add to the document. A large number of models will be offered at the start, in this example we will choose model of an astronaut.

After adding the model to the worksheet, the contextual Format ribbon will appear. It contains a number of options by which we can change the size of the object, rotate or modify the model that we added.

Icons are added by clicking the Icons button in the Insert ribbon. Choosing this option opens the window where you need to select the icon. Again, a large number of icons is offered and they are sorted by categories.

When we add an icon, a Format ribbon will also appear that contains options for modifying this graphic object.