Appending queries

Often it happens that different groups of executors fill in the tables that have the same structure, and differ only in the data they contain. Sometimes it is necessary to merge more of such tables into one, and Power Query is the ideal tool for performing such job. Let’s see how we can add the contents of one table to another.

First, we need to import Excel data from the two tables that we want to merge, then we go into Query Editor and select the first table. Then in the Home ribbon, within the Combine group, we need to open the Append Queries menu. The first option in the menu (Append Queries) serves to append data within the same table (query) and the second (Append Queries as New) to create a new query. Let’s choose the first option.

A window will open where you should select from which table (query) want to append the data of the selected table. The default option is to merge two tables, but it is also possible to choose the option to merge multiple tables. In that case, the contents of the window would be changed, and we could choose all the tables whose contents should be added to the first one. Upon completion of the operation, we will get the first table appended with data from the second table.