Cat Icon Array Chart

I got an e-mail today from my wife who is a big cat lover. She says YouTube suggested her to watch the „Cat Icon Array Chart“ video. And since there is often a need to show the share of a value in a whole, using icon array chart, I decided to write a “recipe” that would teach you how to present data this way, without really using charts.

Feed the pigs and don’t touch anything!

We’ll use a quote from a familiar joke as an introduction to a problem you might encounter in everyday work: how to get the user to enter data only in a predefined cell group? There are several ways to achieve this, and one of the easiest is to format these cells in the desired manner (eg, set a specific background color) and to prevent entry into the cells that are not formatted in a given manner.

Removing values from table

How do I remove set of values from the table? In practice, sometimes we encounter a scenario where it is necessary to remove from the list of entities one or more of the values specified in an ancillary records. For example, in the first list there is a list of workers, and in the second list of workers that need to be removed. How to perform this without having to manually remove one by one from the table?

Counting by color

When creating tables, we often use our own markup, e.g. change the cell background color of the data we want to indicate in some way. How to automatically count them later? If we applied a filter or these cells are within a structured table, it is enough to filter the table by color, so that we can use SUBTOTAL function to find out how many cells are colored in a certain way. Can this also be done using COUNTIF?

Excel for Human Resources

Excel is used to solve many challenges, and among other things it can also serve as a human resources management software. You will find out how to link an employee to a Personnel Data in Excel, and how to easily search them. Many of you who read my blog loved Serbian TV series “Military Academy”. In this “recipe” I used data on several actors from this series (except for names and photos, most of it is fictitious).