Filled maps

Excel 2019 has got a new type of maps that we can use to illustrate the data from the spreadsheets we’ve made. Actually, this is just another chart that we can add from Insert ribbon or after launching the Recommended Charts option. It allows us to create filled maps, where each country from the given dataset is filled by a color according to given values.

To see how these maps work there is an example with country names, rank (Series columns), and the size of their population. The mapping criterion is a rank, and it is calculated based on the size of the population. Selecting the Map / Filled Map option from the Insert ribbon on the basis of the data selected from the table will create the corresponding map chart.

After creating a map, clicking the right mouse button above this object will display a context menu with the Format Data Series option. If we launch it the menu on the right side of the window will open, with additional options that can be used to set the look of the map.

The limitation of filled maps is that they can only be used to fill large geographic areas, most often countries. If you want to show the values ​​in correlation with cities it is best to use 3D maps.