Mekko chart

Mekko chart is a type of Stacked Column chart where columns are expanded in such a way that series are merged, so it’s an excellent choice to show sales through market segments. In most cases, we will use 100% Stacked Column, and there is also a subspecies of this chart called a ridge, which is actually a Stacked Column with a peak emphasized by a bold line to emphasize the trends …

As an example for the creation of the Mekko chart, we will use a table containing data on the market share of three telecommunications companies in that area for the given age segments. You need to select the entire table, and then choose appropriate option to create a 100% Stacked Column chart within the Insert ribbon.

After creating a chart, you need to open a context menu by right-clicking over one of the series and select the Format Data Series option. In the panel that appeared on the right side, the slider named Gap width should be dragged to the left side and set to value of 1%. After spending a little more time for beautifying you will get an effective Mekko chart.