Geography & Stocks

Excel has not changed essentially from its origin, and one of its features is that it does not have data types other than text and numbers. All other (derived) types are only differently formatted numbers. In this respect, Excel 2019 (O365) brings two new types: Stocks and Geography. Since it is unlikely that any of you will be trading on stock exchange, this “recipe” will most of the time deal with geographical data and their application.

Commenting on shared documents

Comments in Excel are not new option. Nevertheless, from the version to the version, there was more and more work to improve the possibility of collaborative work on the documents. Consequently, Excel has a new type of comment. They refer to commenting on shared documents, which in most cases are on the OneDrive repository, and you can view them in a simple way: by clicking the Comments button in the upper right corner of the window.

Doodling over the document

Excel is increasingly being used on mobile devices. Although, due to their size, they are not the ideal solution for making reports, as they enable mobility, these computers or tablet devices are a great solution for the presentation of reports. Recently Excel got a group of options, integrated in the Draw ribbon, which allow you to doodle over report and leave comments, just like you would do with the pencil.


Power BI has for some time been equipped with feature that enables it to analyze data, and then on the basis of them it is proposed to create appropriate visuals. From recent time such option exists in Excel, and for the time being it can only be used by Office 365 subscribers. This option is called Ideas. Let’s look at how Excel can offer you clues to help you get the most out of your data!


Running the VBA program is most often initiated by an event. Events can be on the document-level (eg Open, Activate), worksheet (eg Calculate, Change), charts, applications, forms … The event that starts the subroutine is mainly a click on a button or object, object focus or change the content of the object. Some events are executed automatically after opening an existing or creating a new document …