Lollipop chart

The most commonly used charts in Excel are Column and Bar Chart. Although they do the job perfectly, sometimes it is necessary to emphasize the displayed values. For this purpose, you can create a nice chart called “Lollipop” (or Lollypop). It is still not a part of Excel’s standard charts palette and in the following text I will show you how to create one by modifying the Clustered Column chart.

Power BI and Python

No, it’s not about „Monty Python’s Flying Circus“, it’s about another „Python“, a programming language that has recently become part of the Power BI Desktop platform and allows creation of user-defined visuals. Do you really need to use Python? Well, really not! But you must admit that it is convenient, if you are familiar with this programming language, to get the opportunity to “raise a hood” and create visuals according to your own standards …

Filters as part of the report

Power BI reports can be filtered at the level of the visual, page or entire model, and we place them by dragging the report dimensions into the corresponding fields on the Visualizations/Fields panel. The November 2018 update brought new filters that are now an integral part of the report, and are located in a special menu on the right. For the time being, they are still in the development phase and should, in one of the future versions, become an integral part Power BI.

Related questions

In one previous „recipe“ there were words about the Q&A feature that Power BI supports. Since November 2018 it has been upgraded so that it is now possible to “ask subquestions” which represent a modification of the initial query. Also, this option also allows you to track the question history so, in that way, you can make interactive reports that users will adore.

Conditional formatting of charts

Conditional formatting is not new feature, but so far Power BI users have been able to use it exclusively in visuals that contain some sort of table. The novelty brought by the improved version of the november 2018 is that the Saturation field has been abolished, and the option for conditional formatting has been added instead. Let’s see what it brings!