Shortcuts for finding and replacing content

When working with large tables often are used shortcuts for search and replacement cell contents. Searching content is done by combining the CTRL + F (Find) key and replacing the content by using the CTRL + H (Replace) key combination. By launching any of these options, when choosing the Home toolbar or the specified shortcuts, the same dialog box opens with two tabs: Find and Replace. Depending on the desired action, select the card and then fill in the options of the dialog window.


Sparklines are feature that is used to visualize small data series. These are charts contained in the cell, which can be columns, loss/gain columns, or line charts. This new option was released in Excel 2010 and it quickly found its way into the development of corporate reports, where key performance indicators or business trends should be emphasized. It allows us to easily see potential problems within beautiful and clear reports.

Printing a document

If we want to print a large table, it will take up several pages of reports that we have sent to the printer. On that occasion, the table header appears only on the first page. The following text will show the technique used to adjust the layout of the report so that the header is repeated on all pages. Also, we will mention several more useful techniques for preparing for printing regarding quality and the presentation of certain elements of the report.

Header & Footer

Since Excel is often used to create business reports it would be useful to find information in the header or footer of the document that details them more closely. This can be: report name, label, company logo, date … And here you can insert the page number, the total number of pages, or some other information that is relevant to the appearance of the report. These functionalities contribute to the uniformity of the document and give it a more professional look.

Protecting workbook and worksheet

At every company there are certain data that should be kept secret. Also, sometimes we do not want everyone to be able to edit the document, especially when it comes to corporate reports that should have a unique form. Since Excel is a tool frequently used for budgets or as a tool for interpreting business reports, it’s important to know how to protect individual worksheet elements, the structure of the workbook, and the workbook as a whole.