The Registry of the National Internet Domain of Serbia (RNIDS) has been supporting Cyrillic (.срб) domains for some time, which is a good way to promote Serbian alphabet. The Internet also supports a number of other fonts that you can use freely within the Internet browser, but there are situations when it is necessary to “translate” terms in other languages into one understandable to computer, the so-called Pun Code. To perform this we use the ENCODEURL function.

Physical examination

Are you overweight? Weight gain is not just an aesthetic problem, it can be the cause of many diseases, so companies conduct an annual physical examination to check the health of their employees. In this example, you will learn how to calculate BMI (Body Mass Index), a coefficient that indicates whether you are below or above the optimal body weight, and how to use conditional formatting to mark those who have unfavorable BMI.

Decomposition Tree

Decomposition Tree is a Power BI visual that allows data analysis according to multiple reporting dimensions. You can view it as a sophisticated drill down tool. It performs data aggregation and gives the possibility of drilldown according to the given dimensions, and it also contains elements of artificial intelligence that help in the analysis and indicate the solution.

Total labels for series

When we use a Stacked Row or Stacked Column chart for visualization we can add data that displays the values ​​of individual series within a group. How is it possible to see the total value (for all series)? In Excel, we used tricks to perform this, which I described in a post from May this year, and Power BI has recently got a new option which enables display of total values for stacked charts.


Power BI Smart Narratives represent a new feature that allows you to add automatically generated description, derived from one or more visuals, in which are shown business trends emerging from the report. Smart Narratives are automatically generated in English, but the text can be manually edited (translated) and formatted in the desired way. It is also possible to add new values ​​to narratives based on a given formula.