Reports for mobile phones

Power BI comes in several “flavors” and one of them is Power BI Mobile. It is a mobile app which can be downloaded both for Android and iOS devices, and is used to display reports that are optimized for the mobile phone screen. The CEO’s dreams became reality! The technology exists, and in the text that follows you will learn how to use it, with the help of the Power BI Desktop development platform, and create reports for “small screens”.

Hierarchically arranged slicers

Slicers are interactive objects that allow you to filter visuals, individual pages, or entire Power BI reports. Since recently it is possible to place them in a hierarchical order, which is really convenient and makes it easier for us to review the filtering criteria. The procedure for placing slicers in this order is very simple, and you will find out how it is done in the text that follows …

Button appearance

Buttons in Power BI reports are used to navigate between different pages of the report, so in addition to the functional aspect, it is important that they look nice. When you add a blank button, Power BI Desktop provides many options for formatting its appearance. Since recently it is possible to add images that will represent a button, and also to select different images for different states (default, mouse over, click etc.)

Slicer navigation

Power BI Desktop has been supporting buttons for some time which make it easy to navigate between multiple pages within a Power BI report. Until now, the button could only lead to one given destination (page) and now, by combining the button and the slicer, it is possible to provide a selection of the page with the report you want to look where you further go by clicking on the button. In this way slicers become main tool for navigation.

Search by part of the name

Many years ago I worked for ECOFINANCE company where, at my time, I wrote an Excel invoicing application. It seems to me that it was quite easy to use. Partly because it was enough to enter part of the name of the code or product to find the desired item. The seller would then only select the quantity and packaging and could quickly continue to enter items until the document is completed. Today this can be achieved much easier, without any VBA programming …