Additional Teams apps

Microsoft Teams allows you to easily access additional applications from the main menu – cloud services and connectors that you will use in your daily work. There are a handful of useful applications, organized by categories, which improve the functionality of Teams such as: Forms, Shifts, Approvals, Stream, Power BI, One Note and many others …

Clicking on the “…” icon in the main Teams menu will open a window showing the most frequently used applications.

Clicking on More Apps will display a full range of application-services that Microsoft Teams can connect to. They are organized by categories, and by entering a term in the Search field, it is easier to find the desired application-service with which you want to connect.

One of the applications that can be useful to you is Forms. It is a cloud service that is used to create surveys and analyze results. If we enter the term “Forms” in the Search field, the system will find this application. Clicking on the icon will open a window with a brief description of the functionality. By selecting the Open option, you will access this application directly from Microsoft Teams. And since this is actually a menu, it contains two additional options that allow you to join a service team or chat.