Anomaly detection

If we analyze the chart visuals, we can often notice points with disturbances on them. These can be e.g. days when unexpected sales values ​​occurred, completely contrary to the planned trend. Power BI Desktop, in the visuals’ Analytics section, now has the Find Anomalies option that allows it to find points on the chart that are inconsistent with trends and point to them.

We have created a simple chart in which we track the quantities sold by dates. If you enter the Analytics menu you can easily notice the Find Anomalies submenu. Enter into it, click on Add to analyze the anomalies. In the Sensitivity slider, the sensitivity of the algorithm is adjusted. There are several fine-tuning options here. In addition to sensitivity, you can adjust the shape that indicates the anomaly, its color, style, transparency … Once you set the parameters Power BI starts analyzing the tables in the data model in search of explanations and displays the observed anomalies on the chart. It is possible to add another reporting dimension to the Explain By field, which is used to perform additional analyzes.