A barcode is a way of representing data in a form that is readable by machines. There are several different standards that are used to create barcodes, and the most common is the one that contains thirteen digits; i.e. twelve + one control digit, which is calculated using an algorithm. Also, there are several different types of barcode readers. In this text, you will find out how you can use a barcode to mark products…

The barcode is used to mark products, so in Excel it is most often used to print labels that will be stuck on items for identification or traceability. It can also be added to the inventory list. This makes the inventory process easier.

There is nothing complicated about adding a barcode. It is only necessary to download some of the free fonts used for its presentation from the Internet, install it, and then in the column, next to description of each item, enter the thirteen-digit number that represents its code. Then you need to select the entire column and replace the font with the one used for the barcode.

When working with barcodes, take care of their accuracy. Also, it is important that you have a scanner with the appropriate resolution, which can read the code from a certain distance, so ask in detail about its specifications. In Serbia, a useful address for purchasing barcode readers and other devices for industrial automation is