Button appearance

Buttons in Power BI reports are used to navigate between different pages of the report, so in addition to the functional aspect, it is important that they look nice. When you add a blank button, Power BI Desktop provides many options for formatting its appearance. Since recently it is possible to add images that will represent a button, and also to select different images for different states (default, mouse over, click etc.)

To begin with, let’s design the appearance of the buttons for different display states. We can also use Microsoft Excel for this purpose, go to Insert/Shape and then add three rounded rectangles. Enter the appropriate text, format the foreground and background colors… When you are satisfied with the appearance, copy them to your favorite image editor, and then save them as three separate files.

Enter Power BI Desktop and select the option to add a blank button. Go to the visual formatting tab, then open the Fill menu. At the top you will see a drop-down list that selects the state of the button for which the layout is adjusted. At the bottom is the Add Image button with which we add images. So just select different states a few times and associate them with the desired button layouts.

If you did everything right, depending on the condition, the button will look different on your report page.