VBA macros are going to history?

Some time ago, a client contacted me complaining that he could not open the report I sent him because it was blocked by the operating system. Indeed, I recently read a rumor that Microsoft plans to replace VBA with TypeScript macros in the recent future because they pose a security threat. It means that all files containing VBA code, downloaded from the Internet, are now blocked. How to solve this problem?

Go To Special

Go To Special is a somewhat neglected, but sometimes very useful option that allows us to position ourselves in individual places in an Excel table according to their properties. These can be empty rows, formulas, precedents, dependents, cells with data validation, etc. In this text, you will learn how to start this option, and you will also see two examples of its application in practice.

Adding empty rows

How to add an empty row after each row of data in a table? This procedure is often necessary so that we can comment on reports that need to be printed. It can be achieved in several ways and one of the simplest is by usint the Sort option. In this text, you will learn how to perform this action.

Version History

Version History is a great feature that can be used by all Microsoft 365 subscribers who store files on a SharePoint or OneDrive repository. Storing files in the cloud brings a lot of benefits, one of which is the overview of all versions and the ability to restore a previous version of an Excel document that was worked on by one or more users.

Custom data validation

So far, you could find a lot of texts on the web site “Excel Kitchenette” about data validation. Most of them were about lists, since this functionality is often used, and further the choice of data type, setting the text length, number range or date were mentioned … When activating the Data Validation option, there are also custom rules, where it is possible to enter a formula based on which the validation is being performed.