Multiple criteria MATCH

Sometimes, when working on business reports, there is a need to create a formula that contains several criteria for searching a range. When we have only one criterion, it is enough to use a combination of INDEX and MATCH functions. When there are more of them, it is already a bit more complicated situation. However, this is not too complicated either, you will see in the “recipe” that follows…

ISOMITTED function

This is a logical function used as an argument by the LAMBDA function, and it aims to check if any of the arguments have been omitted. When using the LAMBDA function, it is mandatory to provide as many arguments as initially given. Since it returns the value TRUE or FALSE it is used in combination with the IF function in the part of the LAMBDA function where it is necessary to specify the value it returns.

BYROW and BYCOL functions

The BYROW and BYCOL functions are used to perform a calculation given by a LAMBDA function that uses only one argument for a given row or column. This, in a way, distinguishes them from the function mentioned in the previous post. Both functions work in a similar way. They differ only in whether they retrieve the data needed for the calculation from the row or column.

MAKEARRAY function

MAKEARRAY allows you to easily generate an array (range) of values. The first two arguments are the number of rows and columns, and further should specify the expression within which the calculation is performed using the LAMBDA function. This function is also dynamic in nature because it does not return a single value but a range in accordance with the given dimensions.

SCAN function

The SCAN function is used to search an array (range) and return the calculated value based on a formula specified using the LAMBDA function. The first, optional argument, is the initial value. It is often left out. Then we specify an array (range) and at the end we state the mentioned expression by which the calculation is performed. The result of this function is not one value but a range whose dimensions correspond to a given sequence.