PowerBI sharing

Power BI service, in accordance to trends, allows document sharing and collaborative work. There are multiple file sharing mechanisms, and most of them are only available to users of the Power BI Pro license, which is understandable because sharing involves working in a group, it makes no sense to share something with itself. In the following text I’ll mention address workspaces and further document sharing, how to generate QR code and monitor report statistics.

Drillthrough reports

Drillthrough is an option that allows one or more reports, extracted on a separate report page, to be obtained based on the chosen dimension according to which we want to display its details. In this way, PowerBI reports get on interactivity, and by using this feature one complex report can be divided into several smaller and simpler ones, making it easier to find the information requested.


Appearance of the report is no longer only important thing, but also its interactivity. Therefore, new feature – buttons are added to PowerBI. These are graphic objects intended to give you a step backward, if you drilldown within the report, to launch a report that is recorded as a Bookmark or display a table/chart that was created as a result of a pre-designed question.

Shape maps

Shape Maps are predefined maps that are recently deployed  as business intelligence visuals for Power BI Desktop, and contain predefined maps of organizational units (republics, regions, ares) within the state. This is a new functionality that is supported only for some countries, but it’s not bad idea to mention it as I believe that one day it will be available for more countries including Serbia.

ArcGIS maps

Vector maps were always better than raster for better quality and more precise location display. Power BI since recently  supports ArcGIS maps, based on Esri’s geographic information system, which in addition to common functionality of maps offers the ability to use some profound options and display statistics. The text that follows will be about the basic features of this visual.