LED chart

The LED chart is not a chart, in the true sense of the word, but it looks nice and is a good choice to illustrate Variance analysis report. We make it so that, after analyzing the percentage for which the plan was exceeded or missed, with the help of the REPT function, generate a certain number of “squares” to illustrate the obtained result.

Generating item codes

It is a common practice in domestic retail outlets to keep a large number of items under one code. In fact, it is one item, but its additional attributes are not taken into account, such as: color, size, design, season … Consequently, the stocks are incorrect. How to form item codes in such a way that, within the code itself, all its attributes are taken into account? We will use permutations!

Sales volume in relation to the goal

Sales volume in relation to a given target can be shown by a goal achievement chart. There is another way to do this, and that is to display real sales values ​​instead of moving the intersections of the x and y axes, using a Combo chart in which the target would be a horizontal line based on the data in the table. Also, by adding the Spin Button control, we will be able to change a goal easily, which leads to the dynamic chart.


The definition of fractals is quite extensive, so I will reduce it to a short interpretation that they represent images, created from repetitive patterns, and their representation is calculated by applying certain mathematical equations. Since I make an Excel greeting card almost every year and create a “recipe for drawing a Christmas tree” I will not deviate from tradition. We will “draw” the Christmas tree with the help of one simple fractal.

Content generator

A few years ago, I attended a panel discussion on whether artificial intelligence will be able to replace humans when it comes to creative writing. Some participants claimed yes, others no, and my position is that it is not so much who will write and how, but who will such materials. Gloomy vision, isn’t it? In this text, I will show you how to fill in the pre-prepared text with your own values ​​and thus create fake news using the SUBSTITUTE function.