Moving Average

The moving average is a statistical method by which we track the average change in data over time. We can use it to calculate the trend of data change. Although it already exists within the trendline and can be applied automatically, in the following text you will learn how to calculate it manually, and you will better understand this method and know when and how to apply it.


A barcode is a way of representing data in a form that is readable by machines. There are several different standards that are used to create barcodes, and the most common is the one that contains thirteen digits; i.e. twelve + one control digit, which is calculated using an algorithm. Also, there are several different types of barcode readers. In this text, you will find out how you can use a barcode to mark products…

How to replace zeros?

How to replace zeros with empty cells? Although this question seems simple, you may find yourself in a situation where you need something like this, and you will not have the right answer. When it comes to data in Pivot tables, it is logical to define this in the options. But they allow you to determine how to treat empty values, not zeros. Zero is not an empty value. You will find out how to replace zeros, regardless of the type of table, in the “recipe” that follows…

Finding outliers

Outliers are values ​​that differ significantly from other members of a statistical set. By analyzing outliers we can try to establish why they occurred in order to take some preventive or corrective actions. Using the example of sales analysis in the first four months of a year, you will learn how to detect exceptions and how to display them on a line chart.

LED chart

The LED chart is not a chart, in the true sense of the word, but it looks nice and is a good choice to illustrate Variance analysis report. We make it so that, after analyzing the percentage for which the plan was exceeded or missed, with the help of the REPT function, generate a certain number of “squares” to illustrate the obtained result.