Star Rating

When we want to give our opinion about a product, we are often able to evaluate it by assigning a certain number of stars. Our rating updates the previous state, and the product score is always a number. How do you calculate how many total stars a product should have based on the score number? There are several ways to do this in Excel, and one of them is by applying the Conditional Formatting option.

E-mail warning

When a customer is late with payment it would not be bad to send him an email alert. It is also a nice gesture if you thank him if he fulfills his obligations on time. All this can be done automatically from Excel, and the example you will be shown is the logical continuation of the previous post about the HYPERLINK function. Also, if you run your CRM in Excel, this is a good idea how to enrich it with some new functionalities.

Addressing envelopes

I have to admit that the Mail Merge is one of my favorite options in MS Word and I often use it when I need to send a group of emails or address a large number of envelopes. It is enough to import the contact list and the addressing process is completely automatic. Can something like this be done in Excel as well? Yes, there is an easy way to do that, and you will find out how to achieve this in the text that follows.

Overdue receiveables

Today is nothing new if you are not paid on time, although it is not a pleasant experience at all. You’ve done the job, and now you need to put in the extra effort to get paid. Excel can allow you to, in a very simple way, gain insight into all overdue receivables; to find out how much invoices aren’t paid, what are the amounts, which customers and how many days are late with payments. Based on this information, you can review your relationship with your clients.

Items with the largest stocks

The business of most companies is impossible without keeping a certain level of inventory. Excess items in stock, if there is no economic justification for it, is a loss that is reflected, both through the cost of storage and through the amount of captured working capital. Excel has a very simple way to determine the quantity of items that are most in stock, as well as any additional information regarding those items.