Commenting on shared documents

Comments in Excel are not new option. Nevertheless, from the version to the version, there was more and more work to improve the possibility of collaborative work on the documents. Consequently, Excel has a new type of comment. They refer to commenting on shared documents, which in most cases are on the OneDrive repository, and you can view them in a simple way: by clicking the Comments button in the upper right corner of the window.

The Comments button is located next to the Share button that allows you to share documents on OneDrive. To add a comment, you need to go to the Review ribbon and select the New Comment option. A window will open right next to the cell we want to comment on. At the top of the window, you see the information about the person which makes the comment, as well as the text box in which you need to enter a text of a comment. By clicking the arrowed arrow button, the process of adding comments ends. If you have previously added at least one comment by clicking the Comments button in the Review ribbon or the button at the top right of the window can see all the comments in the panel that will open on the right side of the window.

If there is already a comment in the document when we open it, we are given the opportunity to respond. We do this by typing a text that is a response to a comment, then clicking the Reply button. In this way, we can “chat” with colleagues when working together on a document. All other options for working with comments (deleting, moving between comments, etc.) are also valid for new comments. Old comments still exist, and we are working with them by choosing the appropriate option in the Notes menu.