Compressing pictures

“A picture speaks more than 1000 words” so you leave a better impression when you enrich the report with pictures. However, many users do not care how big they are and, accordingly, Excel files grow progressively. Even Office 2010 got an option for image optimization that you can use whether you use Word, Excel, PowerPoint … Optimization reduces images, which loses quality, but files take up less space. How to determine the right ratio?

We add an image to the worksheet by going to the Insert ribbon, selecting the This Device option from the Pictures menu, and find the image we want to add to the report. The size of the Excel file will be increased by the space occupied by the image.

In order to rationally dispose of the file size, it is necessary to enter the ribbon for formatting the picture and then select the Compress Pictures option. After launching this option, a dialog box will open. In the lower part, there are check boxes with which we need to select the resolution. Depending on the purpose, it is necessary to decide on a higher or lower resolution. The maximum resolution offered (330 ppi) is the option you will choose if you are preparing the report for printing. The lowest resolution (96 ppi) is the option you should choose if you send the file to someone by e-mail. Author’s recommendation: try different resolutions! Each time you select a slightly lower one, there will be some reduction in image quality. Decrease the resolution until you got best ratio between quality and size.

At the top you have two more check boxes. First, if selected, applies resolution rules only to the selected photo. The second allows you to delete parts of the image that you cropped after launching Crop option.