Data categories

Last year brought us another interesting Power BI Desktop feature. When importing tables into a data model, it is possible to specify a data category for the selected columns. Choosing a category can accurately determine what data is in the table. This way we get some new features, e.g. to include a link to a site or an image describing the products within the table.

We have added and linked 4 tables in the data model: Transactions, Items, Partners and Salesmen. If you go to the Items table you will see that it contains a single column (SLIKA e.g. IMAGE) that has links to product images. If you select that column and go to the Column Tools ribbon, you will see that it contains a Data Category drop-down list. Selecting WebUrl defines the data in this column as links, and ImageUrl describes the data as images. Let’s choose second option.

We can now create a visual that contains images. It is best to select Table or Matrix for this purpose. Dragging the SLIKA (IMAGE) column to a given position will display an image of the item being downloaded from the path contained there. I retrieved the pictures in this example from I buy their products very often, and since they are a great team and my ex-students I am glad that I can advertise them for free!