Data Visualizer

Do you like Visio? It is an application that essentially belongs to the Microsoft Office, but is purchased separately. I used it to draw diagrams, but the number of objects it offers indicates that it is applicable in many activities where some type of design is performed. Recently, there is an add-on that allows you to easily create Visio diagrams within an Excel document. It’s called Data Visualizer. Let’s see how it is used!

This add-in is activated by clicking on a specific icon within the eponymous group of the Insert ribbon. After the action, a window will open that offers you the opportunity to choose, from several groups, the type of diagram you want to make. Clicking on Create button creates it.

Excel will create a structured table (data table) within which you can see steps within the flow chart: step label, name, next step, connector label, type, and alternate text. Immediately after creating the diagram, you will get several test object-steps, and by deleting or adding these elements to the table, you can easily modify the flow chart and adjust it to your needs. Clicking Edit changes it directly in Visio, and clicking Refresh will give you a diagram based on data from a structured table.