Difference between distributions

It is often possible to see one or more points on the visuals that deviate from the normal distribution of the series. Recently, Power BI Desktop was given the Analyze option (at the time of publishing this text it is still in the experimental version) which allows insight into what is happening with the data, comparing the shares or absolute values ​​of the series.

We start with a simple Clustered Column Chart visual in which we track the quantities sold in relation to the manufacturers. Right-clicking on a series, e.g. BAMBI, a menu will open in which you need to select the Analyze submenu, and then the Find where distribution is different option.

After a few moments, a window will open in which we can see the distributions and differences in relation to the normal distribution. In the header of the window there are filters – elements of classification, with which we can analyze the distributions for different classifications of items. This option allows you to compare proportions or absolute values, and which of the current is adjusted using the slider in the lower left corner of the window.