Doodling over the document

Excel is increasingly being used on mobile devices. Although, due to their size, they are not the ideal solution for making reports, as they enable mobility, these computers or tablet devices are a great solution for the presentation of reports. Recently Excel got a group of options, integrated in the Draw ribbon, which allow you to doodle over report and leave comments, just like you would do with the pencil.

If we create a report, e.g. one simple table and chart, by positioning the Draw ribbon we can choose one of the “doodling” options. First of all there are suggested writing styles that imitate pencil, ballpoint pen, marker, text marker … By clicking Add Pen button we can add a new pen. First choose the type of pen, then the thickness of the writing and the color to which you will make a notation. By clicking on the Draw icon, we turn on or off the writing mode, the Eraser option is used for deleting, and the Lasso Select for selection by rounding off the content.

The Ink to Shape option allows you to convert your creations into Excel shapes, and Ink to Math allows us to convert them into formulas. The Ink Replay option show us in which order we have made notations in the document. In the Review ribbon is located in the Hide Ink menu. It contains options for temporarily hiding notations or deleting them in a worksheet or throughout the document.

Drawing is not too important to desktop or laptop users, but those who use mobile devices in their work make it easier to leave comments.