Excel kitchenette

I have to admit that my interest in cooking lasts far beyond than my playing with spreadsheet applications. Nevertheless, Excel and me are friends for more than 20 years, and this blog is born as a product of my desire to share my experience with you. Excel has far more possibilities that you can ever imagine. That’s the reason I am learning all the time. I hope that my knowledge, sublimed in these short “recipes” will bring you motive to learn and fall in love with Excel as I did.

This blog is primarily made for people from X Yugoslavia, and I am using Latin letters for reason that everyone can understand me. We all use the same language, which is much older that our disputes.

“Recipes” are grouped by areas: basics, sharing&security, functions, reporting, analysis, automatization, business intelligence… “Specialties of the house” are also “recipes”. They sometimes include several areas of Excel application and their aim is to show elegant ways to solve certain problems. PowerBI is a special segment of “recipes” and their subject is this Microsoft cutting edge service for creating business reports. Although I’m leaving Excel boundaries PowerBI uses technologies that in wide span overlap with my favorite Office application. Since it represents future of business reporting PowerBI “recipes” absolutely deserve to be a part of this blog.

For practical reasons comments are excluded, but if you like some recipes you can share them with friends over social networks.