Goal achievement chart

How to show on the chart whether the goal has been achieved? If we use the Column Chart for this purpose, the simplest way is to add a line that intersects the y axis at the point that corresponds to the value of the given target. We can do this manually, as well as add a series of data that has only one value – the goal, which could be shown in the report using the Combo chart. And we can also create a goal achievement chart by moving the y axis, which will be discussed here …

First, let’s create a Column Chart that shows the value of sales relative to cities.

How much is the sales goal? Let it be 1000000. Right-click on the y axis, select the Format Axes option in the context menu, and then have the y axis have the value of the given target. Sales values ​​in cities where the goal is met will be above the axis, and where it is not, they will be below the axis. De facto, the chart now shows the gain and loss relative to the given goal.

Next, select the series and launch the Format Series option in its context menu. In the color adjustment menu, select the Invert if negative option. Next, change the display colors. Choose green for positive values ​​and red for negative ones.

Finally, we can still move the captions to the bottom of the chart, add a few more formatting elements, and get a good graph of goal achievement.