Grouping visuals

When working with graphical objects in MS Office applications there is often a need to integrate multiple objects within one group so that we can move and manage them more easily. As of August 2019, Power BI Desktop has the option to group two or more objects, and in the text that follows you will be able to see how it is used.

Based on the previously imported dataset let’s create two visuals, a bar chart and a pie chart, and format them according to our wishes. If we now select both of these visuals, by clicking on the first and then on the second, while holding down the CTRL key, we will be able by clicking the right mouse button  to open the context menu containing the Group submenu. It has three options: Group (used for grouping 2 and more objects), Ungroup (for ungrouping all objects within a group) and Merge (for merging objects). By selecting first option we will group the objects.

If we tried to move one of these two objects we would move the whole group. If we go to the View ribbon, so we decide to display the Selection Pane, we will see a group in the list of objects on the canvas. Double clicking on a group name is used to change it. We can move the group, like other objects, up or down on the canvas; we can also hide or display one or all objects within a group.