Header of Data tables

Structured tables (Data tables) or, as we call them, named ranges represent a group of cells that have been given a name and a filter to make it easier to view and work with the data they contain. If these tables start from the first cell in the worksheet, you can set the cell header to appear instead of the worksheet header. To be more precise, instead name of the columns they contain.

Let’s begin with a simple table that starts with cell A1. Let’s turn it into a structured table (Data table) by first marking the range to which it belongs, and then pressing the CTRL + T key combination. After the window for creating a table appears, we only need to confirm the procedure by clicking the OK button.

Once you have created the table, select the first row, open the context menu by right-clicking, and then select the Hide option to hide the first row.

If you pay attention you will see that the table header has moved to the worksheet header. Simple, isn’t it?