HYPERLINK function

In one of the earlier posts, you could find out how a hyperlink is assigned to an object. With it, we can access the location within the document, send an e-mail or visit a given website. Excel also has a HYPERLINK feature, and knowing a little more about syntax for building web links opens up some new possibilities for automating your reports.

First, let’s show the syntax of this function. It reads:

HYPERLINK (<location>,[<friendly name>])

The first argument is location (URL, email address, location within the document or on a given path), and the second (optional argument) is a friendly name that should appear instead of URL. How would we set up a link to a website? We will write the formula:

=HYPERLINK(“https://www.excelk.com”,”Excel Kitchenette”)

How can you create a link by sending an e-mail to a given address. This can be achieved using the following formula:

=HYPERLINK(“mailto: slavko@excelk.com”,”slavko@excelk.com”)

How to position cell A1 in a Sheet2 worksheet? We achieve this using the formula:

=HYPERLINK(CELL(“address”; Sheet2! A1); “A1”)

In the following post, you will also see a practical example of how this function can be used.