Measuring the impact

Key Influencers is a visual that has been available to Power BI Desktop users since July 2019, and allows measuring the impact of a given component (dimension) on a reporting metric. It can be useful to show us components that differ from the average, as well as segments that affect it and require additional attention. The information we receive in this way can help us rethink our sales strategy.

Key Influencers visual is still in trial phase and Power BI Desktop application options must be set to use it. To do this, you need to run File/Options & Settings/Options and then select the option to display this visual in the window. After you restart the application, it will appear in the list.

In the example used for the demonstration we track sales transactions that record the delivery of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to retail objects. All the data in the example was fabricated! We are interested in sales related to the manufacturer of the goods! Clicking on the appropriate icon within Visuals menu adds Key Influencers visual, then we should drag the PROIZVOĐAČ (MANUFACTURER) dimension into the Analyze field and IZN-RUC (sales margin) into the Explain By field. After a few moments, the application will perform the calculation.

Visual has two tabs: Key Influencers and Top Segments. At the top of the visual is a drop-down list where we can change the manufacturer to see its impact. If we are on the Top Segments tab, so choose e.g. manufacturer CARLSBERG SERBIA we will see what is the probability that the sales margin will increase, and therefore our profit. Clicking on Top Segments will show us if there are any segregated segments, groups of sales transactions that affect sales and therefore the profits of the business. Do you see the possibilities?