We often come across Excel documents that have multiple reports found in several worksheets. If you want to find the report you want, click on the tab with the name of the corresponding worksheet. However, this is not always the optimal solution. In order to facilitate positioning on the desired report, we introduce links that we have attached to certain forms. That is, we introduce a navigation panel to navigate within the document.

As an example, we will use a document that has three worksheets: PZP, Top 10 and Bottom 10. The first contains a report board that monitors sales in relation to manufacturers, and the second and third contain data on the 10 best and 10 worst selling products.

We create a navigation panel by adding a shape, such as a rectangle, and then multiplying it into three copies. In each of them we will add the name of the worksheet. We will edit the shapes to create an attractive navigation panel.

We will then attach, to each of the objects, a link pointing to cell O1 in the corresponding worksheet. We will group objects. We will copy the navigation panel and place it on each worksheet. We will change the formatting of the objects to know which worksheet we are currently on.

We can now easily navigate through the document, by clicking on the button that indicates the appropriate dashboard.