New Slicer visual

Slicers are interactive objects used to filter pages or the entire Power BI report. They haven’t changed much since their inception, and since they represent an essential component of the report, they got a small facelift. Since November, a new Button Slicer visualization has appeared, which has the properties of traditional slicers, as well as some additional formatting options that make it much more beautiful. Let’s see what it has to offer!

We will start with an example in which we imported and connected two tables within Power BI Desktop: Items and Transactions. Then a simple Bar Chart visualization was added. It shows the sold quantities in relation to the classification. We can add Button Slicer by selecting the Slicer New visualization in the palette. In this example, we will do this based on the Item Name dimension, which contains the name of the product.

By entering the Formatting menu, we can apply different types of formatting to shape the appearance of the new slicer. Shape is a group of options that allows us to format the appearance of the card. It can be: Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle or Snipped Tab. If we choose the second or third option, the degree of roundness in pixels can be adjusted, universally or for each corner.

Layout is a group of options in the frame in which we adjust the number of cards we have by height and which by width. Also, using this option, we can determine the alignment of the text inside the card, as well as the spacing between cards. Overflow is a group of options with which we adjust what will happen if the number of cards is greater than the space occupied by the visualization.

Within the Callout Values group, it is possible to adjust the display of labels within the card, where we can choose a different font, size, style. It is also possible to add an additional category that is displayed on the card. For example, the sales group can be displayed under the item name. The Image option group allows us to add an image based on a column in one of the tables marked as Image URL. Finally, the Buttons group of options enables additional formatting of the buttons themselves, where it is possible to format border, glow, fill, shadow, accent bar…

As you can see, using the New Slicer visualization you can create much more beautiful and functional slicers, which can contribute to creating better Power BI reports.