SEQUENCE function

The SEQUENCE is another function that manipulates dynamic arrays. It allows generation of an array of numbers within a vector or matrix, depending on the given parameters, and it is possible to set the initial value as well as the step value by which the series is being incremented. So, it’s something like when you use the Fill Series option, except that you can now do it with the function.

RANDARRAY function

One of the previous “recipes” was about randomly generated numbers, ie the use of the RANDBETWEEN function. The RANDARRAY function works similarly to the fact that, unlike the one mentioned above, it generates a random range of numbers (vector or a matrix) based on previously specified rules. This is one of the new Excel functions that is available only to Office 365 subscribers. Let’s see how it is works!


For some time now, Microsoft “evangelists” have been talking about about new Excel functions that make it possible to work with dynamic arrays. What is it about? Excel is enriched with a group of functions that provide dynamic content filtering. Since they finally became an integral part of Office 365 Excel in February this year, the following few “recipes” will, through simple examples, show you the new features they bring.

Power BI row-level security

Companies often have the need to restrict certain employees or groups from seeing part of their business data. Power BI solves this by using Roles and defining the rights at the leven of Workspace in which they work. In practice, this means that everyone sees exactly what they are allowed to see. Nothing more, nothing less! In the following text you will see how Power BI row-level security is being implemented …

Excel and Power BI

In an old cartoon was promoted a saying: “Cats and mice can be friends”. Consequently, Excel and Power BI can also be friends! Power BI allows you to import Excel reports, whether traditional, Pivot or Power Pivot reports. This is not a whole new topic, but I think it would be nice to remember it in a new light, with an emphasis on what you can do for free and when you definitely have to buy licenses.