Pivot table as data source

Pivot tables are reports that, above all, are used to interpret data based on given criteria. Sometimes a pivot table can also be used as a data source to make one or more new pivot tables. This usually happens when you want to create a pivot table from an existing business report, based on a query to the transaction database, and thus use the data that are available in initial pivot table.

Pivot tables are traditionally made based on a range of data (Range) or a structured table (Table). If we first create a pivot table based on the master data table it can serve as a data source. After we create it, we will select to display in tabular form, with the repetition of the labels, and then we will turn off subtotals and totals.

Such a table is suitable to be a source. Next, you need to select the option to create a new pivot table, and then mark the range of cells that make up the one we created earlier. The result is a pivot table in which it is possible to use only the reporting dimensions that were available in the previous one. By changing the original pivot table, the newly created one also changes!