Show the values row

When we add dimensions to the Pivot table, columns in the report are filled in sequentially. If we use a different report layout than the Compact View, each report dimension will occupy one column, and then all columns in which the data aggregation is performed will be displayed. There is one setting within the pivot table options that allows us to differentiate values ​​(the data we aggregate) from reporting dimensions.

We will create a simple Pivot spreadsheet where the report dimensions of KLASIFIKACIJA (CLASSIFICATION) and PROIZVOĐAČ (MANUFACTURER) are shown in Rows section, and in the Values section are the sums of the quantities sold. Further we will select Outline Form report layout. If we go to the Analyze/Options pivot table options and then select the Display tab, you can find the Show the values ​​row option there. Let’s check it, then close the window. Nothing has changed in the report! However, if you try to add more measures to the Values ​​section of the Pivot report, such as the average of the quantities sold, you will see that the report is different. Excel separated values ​​from report dimensions! Upon first value there is a header „Values“. Simultaneously a „∑ Values“ label appeared in Columns section of the report.

What would happen if we added reporting dimensions to columns? Nothing special, we would still have the „Values“ ​​header, except that the general header would be in two rows: the report dimensions would be displayed in the first, and the values ​​in the second. By dragging the report dimensions into the Columns section, and the „∑ Values“ label in rows we would get a transposed report.