Slicer navigation

Power BI Desktop has been supporting buttons for some time which make it easy to navigate between multiple pages within a Power BI report. Until now, the button could only lead to one given destination (page) and now, by combining the button and the slicer, it is possible to provide a selection of the page with the report you want to look where you further go by clicking on the button. In this way slicers become main tool for navigation.

First, we need to add a simple table to the existing Data Model that will contain the values ​​needed for navigation. By selecting the Enter Data option we can enter the table manually. We will add only one column and call it „Page“, and in it we will enter values ​​- page names: KLASIFIKACIJA (CLASSIFICATION) and PROIZVOĐAČ (MANUFACTURER). We could add another column with ordinal numbers that we use to sort members of the list but since we only have two values we can skip that. Clicking on Load will save the table in the model.

Then we add a slicer and choose to display it as a drop-down list. We link it to the Page column of the newly created table. It is necessary to set that we can select only one value with the slicer.

Next, we add a button labeled “GO!”. We will choose that the text is written in white, and that the background is blue. We will add a shadow, which is a new feature that can be used in all Power BI visuals. On the button formatting tab, select Action and then Type: Page Navigation. For Destination, click on the icon on the right to open the conditional formatting menu. Here we choose to navigate a page based on the values ​​of the slicer we added earlier.

When we have finished everything, we can select a value from the drop-down list, and then click on “GO!” And go to the desired page of the report.

This feature can have several applications, and one of them is easy report drillthrough. We could create a main dashboard, and then a few more auxiliary reports, so that by selecting filters and options from the drop-down list, we could drillthrough to the desired report.