Success indicators

Conditional formatting is an option that has been gradually added to Table and Matrix visual. Now we can safely say that Power BI Desktop has almost everything we used in Excel to build the reports where we applied this option. As of July 2019, conditional formatting also supports icon sets, and in the text below you will be able to learn how to use all of these options.

Let’s create a table visual using the KLASIFIKACIJA (CLASSIFICATION) dimension and the SUM of KOL (SUM of QTY) measure. Conditional formatting aims to highlight the data in the table, and this is achieved by selecting the eponymous option from the Format menu. In this option, you first need to select the report element (dimension, measure) that we format and further choose the conditional formatting type.

Conditional formatting supports Background Color (depending on the conditions we change the background color of the cell), Font Color, Data Bars (values ​​are highlighted by mini bar charts inside the cell, shown below values) and Icons (icons are used as indicators of success).

Each time you launch the option for conditional formatting of a dimension or a measure, a window will open in which you can choose how the data in the report will be highlighted by selecting options that vary by type of conditional formatting option.