Coloring the content

Colors help us to emphasize the contents of the worksheet, and the VBA allows you to do so through the code. You can change the colors of the font, background or cell border. This can be done in several ways: by specifying a VBA constant representing color, by typing a color code or by specifying a RGB color combination using the same name function …

Drawing borders

This is, I must admit, a very fun option and totally different from what you get used to when working with Excel. On the other hand, if you are not skilled in formatting the table framework, it can help you to draw the tables in which you will enter the data. This option has not always been in Excel, so I believe that many experienced users do not know that it exists. Below you will find out more about drawing the framework of the table.

Formatting cell content

In addition to content, each cell is characterized by a format that aims to highlight some of its features. For example, the header of the table should be in some way highlighted, with any different font, font style or a different background color; rows could also be colored with different colors, for better visibility; numbers may have a number of decimals … The text that follows will describe ways to format the contents of a cell.