Power BI metrics

Metrics is a functionality that allows you to monitor various indicators within the Power BI service: goals, tasks, ratio numbers, KPIs… Planned and realized metrics can be entered manually, retrieved from reports or linked to some other indicator. Also, data on planned and realized metrics can be pulled down to Power BI Desktop using the new slicer, which enables easier monitoring and coordination between management, executors and report designers.

Bullet Chart

Bullet is a type of Column or Bar chart where we display series one above the other, and later in their display settings we determine the way the series overlap. This is a simple chart that is suitable for comparing one larger and one smaller size, e.g. Budget and Actual sales values. How to create this type of chart you will find out in the following “recipe”…

Budget vs Actual chart

“Actually an ordinary story, like Cinderella”… these are the words of an old hit from the ’80s, and they came to my mind as an illustration of what I want to describe in this text: a comparison chart of budgeted vs actual. If we use the display of data on the secondary axis, we can easily compare planned and realized values, which can be important for displaying intuitive reports.

LED chart

The LED chart is not a chart, in the true sense of the word, but it looks nice and is a good choice to illustrate Variance analysis report. We make it so that, after analyzing the percentage for which the plan was exceeded or missed, with the help of the REPT function, generate a certain number of “squares” to illustrate the obtained result.