Bullet Chart

Bullet is a type of Column or Bar chart where we display series one above the other, and later in their display settings we determine the way the series overlap. This is a simple chart that is suitable for comparing one larger and one smaller size, e.g. Budget and Actual sales values. How to create this type of chart you will find out in the following “recipe”…

Goal achievement chart

How to show on the chart whether the goal has been achieved? If we use the Column Chart for this purpose, the simplest way is to add a line that intersects the y axis at the point that corresponds to the value of the given target. We can do this manually, as well as add a series of data that has only one value – the goal, which could be shown in the report using the Combo chart. And we can also create a goal achievement chart by moving the y axis, which will be discussed here …

Series overlap

When analyzing sales, we will often come across data series that would be convenient to display using a Stacked Column or Stacked Bar chart, but due to their nature this is not a good solution. For example, if we have a production cost and a sales price, we need to calculate the price difference in order to show the production price and the price difference as two complementary series on the chart; their sum is, it is easy to see, the sales price. Can we create such chart without additional calculation?

People Graph “for the poor”

In one of the previous “recipes” I wrote about an Excel add-in called People Graph which you can use it to effectively display the results of statistical surveys. You can also create this type of chart yourself if you have some experience with photo editing applications and by applying the technique I will show you here.

Filled maps

Excel 2019 has got a new type of maps that we can use to illustrate the data from the spreadsheets we’ve made. Actually, this is just another chart that we can add from Insert ribbon or after launching the Recommended Charts option. It allows us to create filled maps, where each country from the given dataset is filled by a color according to given values.