Retreiving data from pictures

Power Query (which has been the go-to tool for importing data into Excel for some time now) has a new option! Rereiving data from PDF documents has been around for a long time, and now you can also pick up tables from an image or image on the clipboard. So, if someone sends you an invoice that they took a photo of via Viber or WhatsApp, you don’t have to enter the data manually.

Recommended Pivot tables

Pivot tables are a report that has existed in Excel for a very long time, and it allows us to look at a source dataset from different angles, as well as to easily change views on the data. Despite the fact that this is a very useful report, many people still do not know how to use pivot tables. That’s why Microsoft recently added an option in Excel by which, based on the selected data, it can recommend you what kind of pivot table to create.

Where it was?

Microsoft is constantly working to improve the user experience and make everyday work in Excel easier. A few years ago, the „Tell me what you want to do“ option appeared, and later its functionality was integrated into the Search field, which you can still see in the title bar of any Excel document. Search is now part of the context menu, and browsing Excel features is even easier than before…

Moving Average

The moving average is a statistical method by which we track the average change in data over time. We can use it to calculate the trend of data change. Although it already exists within the trendline and can be applied automatically, in the following text you will learn how to calculate it manually, and you will better understand this method and know when and how to apply it.


A barcode is a way of representing data in a form that is readable by machines. There are several different standards that are used to create barcodes, and the most common is the one that contains thirteen digits; i.e. twelve + one control digit, which is calculated using an algorithm. Also, there are several different types of barcode readers. In this text, you will find out how you can use a barcode to mark products…