Extracting words from a sentence

In the “Excel Kitchenette” blog so far you could have met many text manipulation functions. As of August 2022 (unofficially), and officially as of a few weeks ago, Microsoft 365 subscribers have some new functions at their disposal that increase productivity and can help you more easily to retrieve individual parts of a given text, before or after the delimiter.

EOMONTH function

Sometimes, while using Excel, you need to specify the date on which a particular month starts or ends in order to perform the desired calculation on that day. Although, with a little effort, these dates can be calculated in the traditional way, you will be greatly relieved by using the EOMONTH function. You will learn more about this function in the following text…

Bullet Chart

Bullet is a type of Column or Bar chart where we display series one above the other, and later in their display settings we determine the way the series overlap. This is a simple chart that is suitable for comparing one larger and one smaller size, e.g. Budget and Actual sales values. How to create this type of chart you will find out in the following “recipe”…

Copying formulas

There are several ways to multiply Excel formulas: by simply copying, creating a series that multiplies values, using a variant of the Paste Special option that copies formulas… However, in everyday work, shortcuts will mean a lot to you and they will make you more productive. In the text that follows, you will find out more about such shortcuts…

VBA macros are going to history?

Some time ago, a client contacted me complaining that he could not open the report I sent him because it was blocked by the operating system. Indeed, I recently read a rumor that Microsoft plans to replace VBA with TypeScript macros in the recent future because they pose a security threat. It means that all files containing VBA code, downloaded from the Internet, are now blocked. How to solve this problem?