Protecting workbook and worksheet

At every company there are certain data that should be kept secret. Also, sometimes we do not want everyone to be able to edit the document, especially when it comes to corporate reports that should have a unique form. Since Excel is a tool frequently used for budgets or as a tool for interpreting business reports, it’s important to know how to protect individual worksheet elements, the structure of the workbook, and the workbook as a whole.

Document properties

Each document we create in Excel contains information about the name of the author as well as other properties that are automatically generated, and they say: when the document was made, when the last time it was changed and who changed it, what size was it, where it was finds, etc. After saving a document, if we want to share it with other users, it’s useful to check compatibility, accessibility and whether it has hidden information…

Tracking changes

Tracking changes to a document is used when multiple users are working in its editing. It is done so that we can see which user has made the changes, so that we can remove errors or make other changes that will improve the final version. This option only applies to shared documents. Even if we did not share it, after activating the tracking changes option it will become a shared document.

Document sharing

Working together of multiple users on one document is a very common situation. The document can be found on a network, SharePoint Server or Cloud, and when working together, it is important to determine who is going to access the document, what changes he will make, and if more users are browsing content, which change should be accepted. In the following text, we will deal with the basic terms of exclusion and common work.


Have you ever happened to lose data due to power failure or accidental voltage drop? I believe that this happened to all of us at least once. The only way to overcome data loss is to create a habit of periodically saving the document on which you work. But as far as you are dilligent, sometimes it can happen that this is not enough and you will be left without the fruits of your work. The solution is automatic document saving!