Entering phone numbers

When you enter phone numbers in a cell, you must enter them as text which means that you should add an apostrophe before entering the number. In this case, it is best to enter the number in international format. If you don’t want to think about codes and calling numbers, you can retrieve this data from the auxiliary records, and then join them with the help of the TEXTJOIN function. You will find out how to enter email addresses and phone numbers in the following text.

How to count words?

How to count words? There is no longer a need to send telegrams, and the need to count words seldom arises. However, this is a nice opportunity to try out how to use the TEXTSPLIT function in combination with some other Excel functions. Who knows, maybe this will be useful to you one day? In honor of Pink Floyd, let’s count the words in the song “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”.

Office Scripts

For years, Microsoft has been trying to replace VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), the programming language that “lives” in the background of Excel. As they say, the reasons are of a security nature. This is not entirely without merit, but it seems to me that the motive of the Excel development team, to a greater extent, was to create scripts that would fit better into the Microsoft 365 and Power Platform ecosystem. Whether they succeeded in this is up to you to try.

YEARFRAC function

This function, for given start and end date, calculates how much time has passed in years, and as a result returns a decimal number. It can be used to calculate annual interest, future value and in other cases when it is necessary to know how many years have passed. In the text that follows, through a simple example, you will get to know this function.

Retreiving data from pictures

Power Query (which has been the go-to tool for importing data into Excel for some time now) has a new option! Rereiving data from PDF documents has been around for a long time, and now you can also pick up tables from an image or image on the clipboard. So, if someone sends you an invoice that they took a photo of via Viber or WhatsApp, you don’t have to enter the data manually.