Up to date slicers

Pivot tables often store data in the cache, and some of that data is also that about slicer elements. Slicers take values ​​from the source table. If we add some of them and then delete them, it may happen that the slicers show phantom values. They are shown in pale color, as if there is no data. And indeed, if we pick such a value, we will get an empty pivot table report. How can slicer elements always be up to date?

Pivot table options

Experienced users are eager to find out where are the Pivot table options, in order to make adjustments and adapt the software to their needs! Each Pivot table has many options that affect its work. With them we can change the look and way of displaying the values in the report, the method of calculating subtotals, use of filters, properties of connecting with external data sources, printing options…