Copying formulas

There are several ways to multiply Excel formulas: by simply copying, creating a series that multiplies values, using a variant of the Paste Special option that copies formulas… However, in everyday work, shortcuts will mean a lot to you and they will make you more productive. In the text that follows, you will find out more about such shortcuts…

Paste Special calculations

The Paste Special option provides a number of ways to manipulate the values ​​that need to be pasted back into the document. One of them is calculation, where it is possible to select a cell that contains a value, and then a range with values ​​for calculation that will perform one of the four elementary mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). This can increase productivity, let’s see how it is used!

Excel for Human Resources

Excel is used to solve many challenges, and among other things it can also serve as a human resources management software. You will find out how to link an employee to a Personnel Data in Excel, and how to easily search them. Many of you who read my blog loved Serbian TV series “Military Academy”. In this “recipe” I used data on several actors from this series (except for names and photos, most of it is fictitious).

Word frequency

How often do repeat certain words in the given text? Which one of them is most often repeated? The answer to this question can be obtained using a few simple techniques, which will be more talk in the text that follows. To begin with, a news post is taken from the link we will analyse it to measure the frequency of words occurrence. The selected text should be copied to cell A1 of the new worksheet.

Converting table into image

Switching the Excel spreadsheet to another application like, for example, PowerPoint can be an inconvenient job. If it hates you to deal with details, there is a very simple way to do this, that is to convert the final table into an image, and then copy the image to the desired destination. This can be done using the Paste Special option, as well as using the Camera tool, and the following text will explain how to make the most of this option.