Recommended Pivot tables

Pivot tables are a report that has existed in Excel for a very long time, and it allows us to look at a source dataset from different angles, as well as to easily change views on the data. Despite the fact that this is a very useful report, many people still do not know how to use pivot tables. That’s why Microsoft recently added an option in Excel by which, based on the selected data, it can recommend you what kind of pivot table to create.

Include Filtered Items in Totals

Include Filtered Items in Totals is a very useful option that we can find in pivot table settings, and it allows us to display the correct total for values ​​in rows or columns that we have previously filtered. By using the DAX expressions we can most certainly reset the filters and thus calculate the correct sums, but sometimes there is no need to do this. Only by selecting/deselecting this simple option, we can get the correct totals in the report.