Reports for mobile phones

Power BI comes in several “flavors” and one of them is Power BI Mobile. It is a mobile app which can be downloaded both for Android and iOS devices, and is used to display reports that are optimized for the mobile phone screen. The CEO’s dreams became reality! The technology exists, and in the text that follows you will learn how to use it, with the help of the Power BI Desktop development platform, and create reports for “small screens”.

PowerBI workspace

Workspace, as its name says, is used for the integration of data, reports and dashboards that is used in your daily work. The default workspace is called My Workspace and everything you create (datasets, reports, dashboards) is kept on this site, unless otherwise is specified. This post is word about how to create custom workspaces and use them to share content with other users. This functionality is enabled only in PowerBI Pro version.

Power BI Desktop, drilldown

Drilldown is a term that describes obtaining additional details of a report based on the selected reporting dimension. If you are an experienced Pivot table user you are most certainly aware of the technique. This operation can be also carried out over reports created within PowerBI Desktop environment. In text that follows, I will show you how to perform drilldown.

Power BI Desktop visuals

Purpose of PowerBI Desktop application is to create reports on a local machine and publish them in the cloud for users who can see them anytime, at any moment, by Internet browser on a PC or a mobile device. Managers need to get clear, simple and visually nice reports. It seems that PowerBI meets all given criteria. In a text that follows I will describe various ways to create reports in PowerBI Desktop.

Power Pivot

Power Pivot is an interactive tabular report, similar to traditional Pivot table, from which it differs in that it is based on tables that belong to the Data model. It can handle large amount of data that are unpacked when needed, when we have to use them in report, thus saving memory space. It has several specific options, such as KPI, hierarchies or data sets, which can be very helpful when we are making complex reports.