Copying formulas

There are several ways to multiply Excel formulas: by simply copying, creating a series that multiplies values, using a variant of the Paste Special option that copies formulas… However, in everyday work, shortcuts will mean a lot to you and they will make you more productive. In the text that follows, you will find out more about such shortcuts…

Too many worksheets?

If we choose to create a complex Excel document that combines all the elements of a business process, we will try to call everything nicely, mark it, color it … During this process, we will create multiple worksheets, and sometimes give them long names in order to describe them as accurately as possible. The trouble is that the document can then become overloaded. The goal of this “recipe” is to show you a simple trick to find the desired worksheet faster.

Ribbons and shortcuts

Excel 2007 brought a new work environment based on ribbons. This novelty was annoyed by many experienced users (who were able to set shortcuts to the most commonly used options) and delighted new users (who saw some options they did not even suspect that existed). In order to “calm down passions,” Office programmers first added the Quick Access Toolbar and the ability to adjust the toolbar content (Office 2010).

Worksheet manipulation

The data we enter and process is often found in multiple spreadsheets. Depending on the version of Excel you’re using, after starting the program, each new document has one or more worksheets present. The number of worksheets appearing in each new document can be set in general options, and users can add, delete, move, change color or name of the worksheet on their own. The redistribution of the table on the worksheets can help you get a lot more organized.

Shortcuts for moving and selection

Excel shortcuts for moving and selection are the ones you will use to a large extent in everyday work. You have no choice: when working with tables, these are most commonly performed operations, and if you apply shortcuts, they will make you considerably more productive. Productivity is a consequence of faster work, as most tasks can be done exclusively using the keyboard. Especially when you use a laptop, because when you are on the go, you may not have the favorite programmer’s pet at hand.