Total labels for series

When we use a Stacked Row or Stacked Column chart for visualization we can add data that displays the values ​​of individual series within a group. How is it possible to see the total value (for all series)? In Excel, we used tricks to perform this, which I described in a post from May this year, and Power BI has recently got a new option which enables display of total values for stacked charts.

Create, based on available data, a simple Stacked Row visual. Format it according to your preferences and then find Data Labels in the format menu. By enabling this option, you will display data describing the values ​​of individual series on the visual. Below it you will easily find the new Total Labels option, which can be used to display the totals of the values ​for all series. If you enter the option menu, you can find additional options that affect the appearance of the totals, and the settings are similar to those in Data Labels menu which is used to format the display of data on the value of individual series.